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About Us

     Imporio Consultants Limited (ICL) is an experienced, professional and successful boutique firm that believes in traditional business principles, practices and values.

     The provision of service to clients before, during and after a business transaction is our primary focus in a series of business principles adopted to enhance the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  – That is, the feeling that our products, services and opportunities have met your every expectation.

    The success and timely delivery of project or investment financing through from Investors to customers may vary depending on the financial laws governing the financial and banking industry of your respective country.

   Our team is comprised of experts with 13 to over 40 years of professional experience  and certified knowledge acquired directly in the investment, finance and banking industries. We work closely with directors and executives of federal licensed investment trusts, holdings, asset managers, fund managers, central, investment & commercial banks as well as with other professionals in the finance industry.

     Through our indispensable business relationships and resources, we are able to give our clients and investors the best advice, research analysis, strategies, services, products, programs and more, with the assistance of our licensed financial service providers.

Managing Director

profile lee.webp

Lee A. Blackman
Financial Analyst

Capital Finance, Markets, Securities, Banking & Investment Expert

Associates & Associations

Grant Powell & Co

Leading General Practice Law

Grant, Powell & Co. provides the services of both Barristers-at-Law and Solicitors.



Caribe Capital Managment LLC

Private Equity, Investment & Intern. Trade

Caribe Capital Management LLC is a private equity, investment & international trade corporation that collectively represent a limited liability scheme used for making investments in various equities, and to a lesser extent, debt capital markets & securities and also capital investments according to investment strategies associated with public or private equity and debt.



Gibraltar Trust Co. Ltd.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Gibraltar Trust Company Ltd. is an asset management trust company.



GAIN Elite Club Member

Nederland & Switzerland

PRIVATE CAPITAL TRUST & INVESTMENT FUND FOUNDATION (PCT Foundation) is a Charity and Commercial Foundation situated in The Hague, The Netherlands, with the mission to educate exclusively interested private club members (GAIN Members) in financial matters from the early ages on into the modern world of crypto currencies and banking behind the public scenes.

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