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Effective immediately as of April 29th, 2022!

     All primary and secondary debt & equity capital markets & securities transactions are only made possible through our private equity, investment & international trade corporation, Caribe Capital Management LLC. All accredited, institutional, non-traditional and high net worth investors or corporations must become a member of the corporation and your investment capital transferred to our investment banking brokerage platform.

     The same applies to all investors interested in Joint Venturing with our fund or private banker, your investment funds must be transferred to our investment banking brokerage platform, or you must pay invoiced transaction & retainer fees in advance. 

     Limited liability, Joint Venture partners (investors) and their investment capital are protected by our limited liability or joint venture & financial advisory agreements and private placement memorandum. Only cash funds are accepted!

     For more information kindly contact us @: or 

     These offers are over the counter (OTC) offers intended for accredited & institutional investors and high net-worth individuals or corporations only, and to whom it has been addressed. They are not a public offerings, and are not intended for everyone.

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