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     All corporate investments, financing and banking products, services & transactions are subject to our firm's valuation, compliance standards and due diligence without exception. The full disclosure principle applies by means of mutually endorsed Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvent Agreement.


    Our firm only participate in financial transactions that are in compliance to the local as well international ICC, AML, CFT, FATF, Treasury/Central Banks and other respective financial authorities standards and policies.

Intake & Compliance

A graphic design image of an compliance officer

Funding requirements:

  1. Letter of intent, client information sheet & board resolution document.

  2. Business plan (Start-ups), Executive Summaries, financial statements & notes

  3. Articles of association (incorporation), corporate registration, shareholder registry & tax declaration.

  4. Proof of Cash Flow or Security (bank statement or financial instrument), bank confirmation letter signed by both bank officers, collateral or asset class appraisal. All banking documents must be currently dated. Documents more than 5 days old will not be accepted

  5. Intake Application form - must be requested..



Trading requirements:

  1. Investor individual or corporate compliance (KYC) package

  2. Proof of cash funds (bank statement) & bank confirmation letter signed by both bank officers. Both must not be more than 3 days old

  3. Digital corporate and government bonds accepted. Full color pages of SWIFT, DTC or EUROCLEAR copies only. Also append your currently dated RWA and BCL letters with bond copies. Documents more than 3 days old not accepted!

  4. Asset (Gold, Precious stone, Artwork, etc.) bank SKR deposit receipt, Proof of Fund, Bank Statement, BCL and all other supporting documents.

  5. Profit sharing agreement - we provide our IMFPA.



Consultation, retainer and commission payments apply.


All fraudulent files and documents identified by our compliance department will be submitted to the relevant authorities along with the information on the consultant or broker responsible for the submission. We endorse this principle because it is the responsible of consultants and brokers by federal central bank and financial authorities' policy to conduct their AML, CFT & FATF of transactions and clients they are processing.

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