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Capital Finance & Funding

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     Our funding options are made available by and through Caribe Capital Management LLC and our relationship with other institutional investors, federal licensed financial service providers, associates and our top rate banks with minimum risks and adjudicated strategies involved.  Our consortium of syndicates is able to assure your corporation the finance it requires to purchase assets, complete investment project(s) and or raise finance through securities trading.

     With a sound capital structure in place our experienced professionals will help you balance the amount of debt and/or equity employed by your firm to fund its operations and finance its assets. We will advise and help you decide if your corporation needs more debt or equity to insure its life -cycle.

     In addition, we offer advisory service and are able to arrange private underwriting services in which we assist in the processes of raising capital for your corporation, or institution from investors in the form of equity or debt securities.  This involves conducting research, financial modeling, valuation, marketing and brokering the deal.

     Depending on the investment our investors may offer a private firm commitment to buy a portion, and resume full financial responsibility for that portion of shares or also opt to sell as much of the issue as possible at the agreed-on offering price, however may return any unsold shares to the issuer without financial responsibility.

Capital Finance

Funding Desk

January - December 2022

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     Our capital finance, funding and intake processing desk, Caribe Capital Management LLC, works in conjunction with other major top-rated banks, other federal licensed institutions & investors, ultra-high net worth individuals, non-traditional buy-side fund managers, and directors throughout the Nederland, EU, UK, Caribbean, Africa, South America, Canada, USA & ASIA.  Here is where we process transactions through our intake and compliance officer, assess & valuate your capital investment or money market transactions, your capital structure and strength before we provide funding direct or in conjunction with sell or buy side institutions.

We provide or arrange private recourse loans or  funding (monetization) for the following:


  1. CORPORATE DEBT FINANCE - Against individual or corporate owned bond or cash assets

  2. EQUITY CAPITAL FINANCE    - Against individual owned shares or corporation's assets

  3. TREASURY BOND FINANCING - Against owned treasury bond

  4. PRIVATE GOLD TRANSACTIONS - Against corporate or individual owned gold or gold backed bank's bond in top rated banks

  5. PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP FINANCING - Against Sovereign or Municipal Bonds, Gold or State/Government owned assets

  6. JOINT VENTURE PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP - Against corporate or individual bond or cash funds. 

  7. HUMANITARIAN GRANT FINANCING INITIATIVE - Against a grant, endowment or donation (security)

The aforementioned in subject to our compliance & due diligence process, approval and acceptance of your business case.


Requirements & Standards

Funding desk
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Securities Markets

Trading Desk

January - December 2022

     Our investment brokerage and trade desk, Caribe Capital Management LLC, is supported by our federal licensed asset manager who handles all payments, clearances and settlements on our behalf as fund managers or financial advisor. We work in conjunction with other registered traders, investment advisors & administrators, asset & fund managers, and their top-rated banks/institutions’ trade desk in the NEDERLAND, EU, UK, USA, SINGAPORE, CARIBBEAN, SWITZERLAND & ASIA.  Here is where we conduct our due diligence, intake and compliance before the buying, selling, or trading of securities occurs in order to provide market liquidity.

     We are also involved in arranging trade executions with the aforementioned participants in markets such as equities, fixed income securities, futures, commodities and currencies. Working with our trade desk is only possible through limited liability or joint venture partnership. 

We accept CASH transfers and also the following  instruments  by SWIFT MT760, EUROCLEAR or DTC:

  1. CASH or cash backed securities (securities from major banks only)

  2. GOLD or GOLD backed securities (major banks only)

  3. ARTWORK - (Artwork must be deposited in a top rated  bank with SKR & other relevant banking documents)

  4. DIAMONDS - (Diamonds must be deposited in a top rated  bank with SKR & other relevant banking documents)


  6. SOVEREIGN / TREASURY BONDS:    T-Bonds, LTNs, BOE, etc.



Requirements & Standards

Trading desk
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