Capital Markets & Securities Investments


     All capital markets & securities investments offer short and long term economic benefits that will increase your corporation's or individual assets.


     Whether you are a strategic investor seeking horizontal or vertical market expansion, or financial investor seeking a private equity or debt stake for maximum returns, our listed investments are professionally researched, evaluated, packaged and perfect for you.

     Are you looking to invest in public or private securities, money market transactions, opening a new factory or investment in an existing mine, or interested in entering a new market, acquiring another business or funding research and development of new products?


   If yes, If yes, our partnership structures give accredited, institutional, ultra-high net worth and non-traditional investors the opportunity to our exclusive portfolio of asset accumulative investment transactions, MTN & SBLC buy/sell trades , and much more.

Structures available for consideration:

Joint Venture Partnership

(Under existing corporate or individual structures and JV agreement)

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Limited Partnership

(Register as an IBC or register existing corporation and then partner under a LLC)

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Benefits as a limited partner or joint venture partnering with Imporio Consultants Limited:  

  • New or Existing Business Registration (Sint Maarten, Nevis, Bahamas & Switzerland)

  • Citizen by Investment (Nevis, Bahamas & Switzerland)

  • Trust & Escrow Services

Incorporation Structures Available

    We are ready, willing and able to organize through our investment bank & trust or licensed trust company, the incorporation or registration services for your Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or an International Banking Corporation (IBC) in order to partner and invest with Billennial Capital LLC. Incorporated through the bank's inhouse affiliate registry service, AAA Global Incorporation Services or our local registered licensed law firm & notary and trust company in St. Kitts & Nevis.


The benefits of each are as listed:

LLC Includes:

  • An LLC can be formed within 24 hours of submitting the necessary forms and fees.

  • There is no minimum capital contribution that must be made by a member to the LLC.

  • Single Member LLCs are allowed.

  • Liability is limited to the LLC and cannot be passed onto its members or managers.

  • Foreign judgments are not enforceable in Nevis, except in certain circumstances where a charging order will be recognized by the court.

  • The LLC may conduct lawful business in any part of the world, managers, and members are not required to be residents of Nevis

  • There is no public register. Information may only be obtained from the Company itself.

  • Information on the LLC must be kept confidential unless otherwise required by law.

  • Members can have meetings as frequently governed by the operating agreement. It may be managed by the members directly, or by manager(s) independent of the members. We can transfer existing foreign LLCs to Nevis in a seamless process.


IBC Includes:

  • Exempt from all taxes locally.

  • No issues with foreign exchange control in Nevis.

  • Annual reports and or financial statements are not required to be held by the registered agent.

  • The principal office and records for Nevis IBCs can be located anywhere in the world.

  • Information regarding directors, officers, shareholders, and beneficial owners may have the nationality of any country and may be resident in any country.

  • Names of Directors and Officers are not required to be filed in the Nevis Registrar of Corporations and are not available to the public. However, such information on corporate records must be retained at the Registered Agent office to fulfill AML/CFT Regulations.

  • The ability to re-domicile in or out of the country.

  • The Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are shareholders' meetings and can be held at any location within and outside of Nevis.



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  • Equities 
  • Fixed Income
  • Private Currencies Exchange (Forward contracts, swaps, etc.)
  • Commodities (precious & industrial minerals, soft commodities, oil & gas, etc.)
  • Real Estate Investment (Residential & Commercial)
  • Alternative Capital investments (Subsidiaries, brands, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, etc.)
  • Mutual funds, index funds & exchange-traded funds


  • Equity & Debt (fixed income) Securities 
  • Corporate (MTN) & Government (LTN) Bonds
  • Private Currencies Derivatives
  • Commodities Derivatives
  • REITs, Real Estate ETFs & Mortgage Back Securities
  • Money Market deals