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This is over-the-counter offer is intended for institutional and accredited high net worth investors interested in purchasing slightly seasoned MTN(s) from Prime Top-Rated Banks.





MTN Instruments:                            50 or better - inclusive (fresh cut/slightly seasoned) MTNS cash backed

Currency:                                            EURO (€) / USD ($)

Coupon:                                               6.0% fixed

Term:                                                    Ten (10) years

Issuing bank:                                      HSBC London

Provider transacting banks:          HSBC London; Barclays Bank London; DBS bank Singapore

Amount available:                            100M up to 50B Contract

                                                               (Additional contracts available: Consecutive or concurrent)




1. Buyer must have a minimum of 48M Euros/USD in an account OR AN ACTIVE CREDIT FACILITY with a minimum of 48M Euros/USD in a top 20 bank (preferably banks located in Western Europe; UK; Canada; USA; Singapore; Hong Kong)


2. Buyer submits the following Compliance documents:


 A. Client Information Sheet (CIS) - needs to include the name and address of the Buying Entity and the Buyer’s transacting bank/location (i.e., HSBC London) and the contact information of the person designated to represent the Buying Entity, and a Proof of Funds (bank statement or tear sheet).


(Contact Imporio Consultants Limited for a CIS specimen)


Once the Platform has reviewed and approved the buyer’s CIS, Passport, and POF, then the buyer will submit the BCL, see STEP “B”.


 B. Bank Confirmation Letter - The Buyer’s bank officer addresses and e-mails a Bank Confirmation Letter to the Buyer and cc’s the Provider’s secure e-mail address (which will be provided) The Bank Confirmation Letter (signed by two bank officers) will state that the Buyer’s account is in good standing and that there is a minimum of 63M clear and unencumbered EURO/USD in the account or (if the Buyer I using a Credit Facility) that the Buyer’s Credit Facility is;


      i.   In good standing

      ii.  Fully collateralized

      iii. That the Buyer has access to a minimum of 63M clear and unencumbered EURO/USD.


NOTE: The purpose of the Bank Confirmation Letter is to verify the bank officer’s e-mail address to confirm that the Buyer’s file has not been submitted by an unauthorized third party. Only a genuine Buyer is able to produce the Confirmation Letter from his bank officer.


3. Provider will verify the bank officer’s IP address – no contact is made with the Buyer’s bank. (NOTE: the IP Address verification is completed within two hours of the Provider receiving the BCL/ bank officer e-mail.) Once the IP address is verified the Provider will contact the Buyer immediately to arrange the purchase/ delivery of the MTNs and a contract.


4. Provider purchases the MTNs (the MTNs are available for delivery within 48-72 hours)


NOTE #1: The buyer does not sign a purchase contract until the MTNs have been purchased in the buyer’s name by the provider.


NOTE #2: The provider purchases the MTNs in the buyer’s name.


5. Provider will contact the Buyer to confirm that the MTNs have been purchased and are in custody and ready for delivery. The Provider will then provide the Purchase Contract to the Buyer for signature.


6. Upon receiving the signed Contract from the Buyer, the Provider will disclose the Provider’s custodial account details and the contact information of the custodial bank officer. Buyer’s bank officer can then contact the custodial bank’s officer via telephone and/or e-mail and/or send a MT-799 SWIFT Request for Confirmation (see below).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The following procedures apply if the buyer and provider are transacting out of separate banks. if the buyer has funds in Barclays Bank London; HSBC London; or DBS Singapore the transaction can be completed internally.


7. Buyer’s bank sends a MT-799 Request for Confirmation to the Provider’s custodial bank requesting an MT-799 RWA confirming that the MTNs are in custody at the Provider’s custodial bank and available for purchase/delivery.


8. Provider’s custodial bank replies with an MT-799 Confirmation SWIFT with full bank responsibility that the MTNs have been purchased in the Buyer’s name and are in custody at the Provider’s custodial bank and ready for purchase and delivery and that upon receipt of the MT-103 SWIFT payment the MTNs will be delivered immediately via MT-760SWIFT into the Buyer’s account. NOTE: The Confirmation MT-799 SWIFT from the custodial bank will include the registered ISINs and CUSIPs for the MTNs and reference the Provider/Buyer Purchase Contract number.


NOTE: The Buyer does not send the MT-103 payment until he receives confirmation from his bank officer that he has confirmed bank-to-bank with full bank responsibility that the Provider’s custodial bank will deliver the MTNs as stated in the MT-799 Confirmation SWIFT.



If you are interested in Imporio Consultants Limited arranging this over-the-counter offer as your consultant or intermediary, and have any more questions kindly contact us today.

Mr. Lee A. Blackman

Managing Director


Tel: +297 742 1400


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