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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Date: January 14th, 2021

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - January 22nd 2021

This is offer is afforded from a private trading desk at HSBC & BARCLAYS London and is connected to major hedge fund managers. The program formerly opened yesterday (January 13th, 2021) and closes at max of 50B $/€/£. Imporio Consultants Limited was given an invitation for the company and its investors.

This Small Cap Programs brought to your attention is not aggregation of funds but the Investment Funds are added to a larger trading amount. It is very competitive for Small Cap Trading with many Small Cap Investors wanting to be accepted due to the structure offered for these Trade Programs.


  • Special 10 DAY SMALL CAP BULLET TRADE PAYING 400% net in 10 Days – Investors can use Tear Sheet with No Swift and No Block.

  • The trading Banks are HSBC and Barclays London.

  • TRADE AMOUNT: 3 Million Minimum and 99 Million Maximum $/€/£


  • TRADE RETURN: 500% IN 10 DAYS BULLET pays 5 TIMES RETURN (500% GROSS). Once funds HIT $100M Minimum, as the Asset Manager they can enrol the client into other Bullets paying 10 X ROI and best weekly trades for 5 Years Term.

  • TRADING TIME PERIOD: After the 10 Day Bullet trade Funds can be rolled over into a 40 Week Program. The 40 Week Program Pays 200% Monthly.

  • TRADE TYPE: Tear Sheet Program, No Swift, No Block, No Fund Movement, No Risk to Client USDs, GBPs OR EUROs.

  • Trader will confirm returns and profit sharing directly with investor if approved at the time of conference call before issuance of the Trustee Agreement.


  1. Complete the Full KYC and provide the Passport.

  2. POF, Bank Statement or Tear Sheet Must Be Signed By Two Bankers, Dated the Same Date as the KYC. All Documents Must Be Signed In Wet Blue Ink.

  3. Bankers Business Cards (Must Be the Bankers on the Bank Statement or Tear Sheet)

  4. POL Picture Holding Passport And Daily Newspaper. The POL Must Be Dated The “Same Day” As The KYC.

  5. Complete and Notarize the Trustee Agreement. Trustee Agreement will be sent once we receive items from 1 - 4 above and investor is approved.

Compliance (KYC) documents packages:

COMPLIANCE - corporate package
Download DOC • 103KB
COMPLIANCE - Individual package
Download DOC • 82KB

Brokers & Consultants are welcome as co-brokers/deal with us and are protected by profit sharing agreement (IMFPA) endorsed by investor. We are now accepting submissions!

Please submit all compliance packages and required documents to and address the email to Managing Director and CFA Mr. Lee A. Blackman.

Offer valid while space lasts!

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