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Imporio Consultants

Funding Desk

Offer available until December 2021

We are now offering you our accredited clients the opportunity to secure capital finance for your venture start-ups, project development or for business expansion.

Our intake & compliance officer in conjunction with our funding desk are now accepting submission from clients, and also those from our associates.

If you are not a client or an associate, and would like to become one in order to benefit from this opportunity, please send us a detailed email along with your letter of intent (LOI) to

In addition, retainer, consultation and commission fees apply. Retainer and consultation fees are paid upon pre-approval and a commitment from the lender.

Commission is paid from the investment loan face value, and paid directly by the lender to Imporio Consultants Limited as facilitator/broker.

Only serious inquiries from clients and associated that are ready to commit need contact us.

Summary of Terms and Conditions

Purpose: Project Development, Startups and Business Expansion

Principal Amount: $1Million to $500Million

Loan Utilization: Immediately after fund disbursement

Repayment Terms: Interest is payable monthly or annually

(Balloon Payment at maturity)

Interest Rate: 2.5% (All Inclusive)

Closing Date: Five (5) to Ten (10) Banking days

Acceptable Collateral: Surety Bond or Insurance Bond

Company Location: Registered in Switzerland

Financing Bank: Barclays Bank London or UBS

(United Bank of Switzerland AG)

Type of Facility: International Long-Term Financing

Moratorium: 24 Months (Two Year) maximum

Payback Period: Full capital repayment at maturity, interest fee paid yearly

Facilitator’s Fee: X% of Principal amount payable to facilitator/broker at closing if there is any.

Maturity: Maximum Ten (10) Years

(Excluding Moratorium / Grace Period)

Conditions Precedent:

The condition that must be duly met by the borrower before it may request a drawdown and the lender is obliged to lend:

  • CIS (client information sheet)

  • Submission of project executive summary

  • Extensive review of project documents by Imporio Consultants Limited and then ultimately by the Lender

  • Letter of Intent from Borrower (only necessary after pre-approval process)

  • Proof of funds in the total amount covering the surety (insurance) bond and lawyer's retainer

  • Surety Bond or Insurance Bond as collateral

  • Pre-approval intake application form (we provide)

  • The rest of the loan agreement will be binding on the borrower on execution of contract agreement

Transaction Expense:

Borrower must be ready, willing and able to pay the required minimum equity contribution for procurement & issuance of Surety Bond (Insurance Bond). The insurance bond/surety bond is the required security & collateral for the investment loan in the total face value amount. Our retainer & consultation, as well as the Suisse or English lawyers' retainer fees apply.

Legal notice:

Imporio Consultants Limited works with a London City and also a Suisse law firm that has relations to the Suisse Ombudsman office. We advise clients to obtain their legal services regarding all finance, investment and corporate transactions we facilitate out of Switzerland, and England.

A transaction term sheet on procedures and a pre-approval intake application form will only be release to accredited clients who have been processed and registered as a client.

Please do not send us any documents besides the LOI prior to speaking with a representative of Imporio Consultants Limited, or our managing director Mr. Lee A. Blackman. Management and staff has been instructed to disregard any and all documents and clients that do not follow our protocol.

If you are not already a client, need to know our client before we do any business. This is international AML regulation and policy regarding all financial transactions!

This offer has been approved by the board of directors;

Lee A. Blackman,

Managing director.

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