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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Are you interested in the best recourse or non-recourse funding solutions for your capital investment project, or to increase assets?

We are ready, willing and able to arrange with our associated transaction managers, underwriters, asset managers, fund managers and their Tier 1 trade platforms, the best low risk and most effective solutions for your financial needs.

Recourse and non-recourse funding opportunities are available for owners of:

  1. Cash Funds

  2. Cash & Gold-Backed Instruments

  3. Treasury Bonds

  4. Off Ledger & Heritage Funds (€/£/$ 10 Bn Minimum entry)

Our associates offer tailored made recourse loans with some of the lowest annual interest rates in the industry.

Interest Rates range from 9% - 3% on a yearly basis.

The platforms our associates and us arrange private placement with, are powered by the most powerful trade corporation in the world, and offer only the best bullet & private placement trade programs available for qualified non-recourse clients.

Types of platforms & programs available:

  1. United Nations Sanctioned Tier 1 Trade Program

  2. Private Tier 1 Trade Programs

  3. Off-Ledger & Heritage Funds Trade Programs

  4. Swift MT 799/760, Euroclear or DTC programs

  5. Absolutely No Movement of Funds

NET Returns range from 45% to 70% weekly & 180% to 280% monthly.

All investment loans and private placement trade opportunities are sponsored by federal licensed funds, and clients are required to have an intricate business relationship with their bank account officer(s).

The lenders and trade platform we work with use their own funds for the issue of investment loans, and instruments from clients to secure credit facilities or line for private placement bullet & trading programs.

As your consultants and intake officers, we advise interested client or mandates to contact us for an introductory and informational conference call to establish client / consultant or associate relationship. After the call we initiate our due diligence process with potential clients or associates before accepting full KYC compliance packages and POF (bank statement or very detailed online account screenshot, BCL/RWA, or Euroclear pages of instrument) from the clients.

Our due diligence will automatically commence, and takes approximately 2 days or 48 hours to complete. We advise clients or mandates to only submit a currently dated CIS and POF for this process.

After our due diligence process, we will make soft probes to our associated underwriters, asset managers, fund managers and their Tier 1 trade platforms, for the best low risk & interest rate for your investment loan, and or private placement trade program.

Our soft probes with lenders and platforms usually take approximately another 3-5 days to complete. This exercise results in actual offers that are immediately available to clients, the opportunity for the lender or trade manager to advise on banking information preferred and increases your chance of approval & or acceptance.

Depending on the transaction, we then arrange an introductory and informational conference call with the respective transaction, investment or asset manager.

Moreover, at this point is when we advise clients to fill out a KYC compliance document package, JVA or AMA and secure the advised banking documents requested by the lender or platform compliance, then we make an official submission for the processing of your loan or program(s).

The Lender or Platform Compliance Officer then initiate their due diligence process, and this usually takes 5 days before completed.

At this stage, the client has been Accepted In Principle (AIP), and will receive a phone call from the trade manager, who will introduce himself, make an offer to the investor, talk him through the contract agreement. Upon the client and trader mutual agreement, the trader will send the contract agreement by email within 72 hours after the phone call.

The investor then signs the Trade & Profit-Sharing Agreements as described above, sends it back to the trader who in turn counter signs the agreement and returns it to the investor for his records.

The Lender or Asset/Transaction Manager, will be disclosed after client engage by submitting their compliance KYC documents package and is approved!

Brokers, Consultants or Intermediaries are protected by profit-sharing agreement.

Please feel free to contact our Managing Director Mr. Lee Blackman if you are interested.

Contact information:

Email: |

Tel: +297 742 1400

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