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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

(Offer valid to shareholders, JV partners & interested investors)

We are Caribe Capital Management LLC, a private equity, investment & international trade corporation, represented by managing member & fund manager Mr. Lee A. Blackman with full corporate authority under penalty of perjury hereby confirming our readiness, willingness and ability to offer all interested limited liability investors.

As a limited liability member/owner of Caribe Capital Management limited, you benefit from the best in fixed income private placement trades, investment and private equity programs we participate and have been invited to.


Investor invitation: Corporations and individuals

Investment vehicle: Caribe Capital Management LLC

Instrument: Cash only

Security: Share certificates (shareholder equity)

Financial requirements: 1M min. - 100M+

Accepted currencies: US Dollars or Euros only

Contract duration: 3 – 5 years

Trade jurisdictions: London City, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Risk adjudication strategy: Funds remain blocked in our investment brokerage account

Payout Schedule: Paymaster collects the returns and disperse the profits every Friday

AML due diligence requirements for corporate or individual investors:

· Full corporate or individual information sheet (CIS)

· Bank Statement currently dated not older than 3 days

· BCL or RWA stamped and signed by two bank officers not older than 3 days


Preference shares

· 8% Preference Shares

500k to 10M Small Cap Programmes

· 1 million Blocked Account

· 500K to 5 million in a 20-week program with client in full control (Sold out)

· 3 million 6 weeks trade with non-depletion account

· 1 million lease SBLC for SME's

10M to 50M Programmes

· Chinese & Indian Banks

· 10 million Cash Tear Sheet

· 10 million Cash Tear Sheet Bullet

50M to 100M Programmes

· 50 million 120 days bullet

· 50 million buy/sell 90 days

100M+ Programmes

Crypto Programmes

· Bitcoin & Ethereum min $20 m

For more details, please feel free to contact us via or to schedule a conference audio or video call.

In best regards we remain,

Lee A. Blackman,

Managing Member / Fund Manager

Caribe Capital Management LLC

Managing Director

Imporio Consultants Limited

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