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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

March 22nd 2022

Materials prepared by: Lee A. Blackman, Managing Director

Our corporation have several long business relations with registered sell side institutions, financial holdings and partners in the market. We can transact corporate bonds, securities and standby letter of credits both in the primary market but as well in the secondary market, with support of our asset manager (broker dealer bank) and investment brokerage platform.

In addition, we work exclusively with the executive directors of debt & equity capital markets of the aforementioned institutions, and also buy side partners. We have been given authorization to make the listed materials available to interested ultra-high net worth, institutional and non-traditional investors.

If you are interested in any acquiring any of the following listed bonds, please contact our managing director;

Name: Lee A. Blackman or Gabriel Remus-Popa

Email: or

Tel & Fax: +297 742 1400 or +40 (746) 260 381

All compliance, clearance, payments and settlements are completed between selling bank-to-buying bank. We are ready, willing and able to act as intermediary, if transactions require

Current listings:

  • Agricultural Bank of China

Chinese Bonds:

Download PDF • 217KB

  • IFA Group

UK & EU bonds:

Portfolio_(Corporate Bond)
Download PDF • 3.06MB

Fresh Cut MTNs & SBLCs also available, issuing bank are HSBC London or another top-rated bank in UK or Europe.

  • NIBC Bank N.V. – Nederland


  • Euro Medium Term Note program:

Euro Medium Term Note programme
Download PDF • 139KB
  • Euro Commercial Paper program:

Euro Commercial Paper programme
Download PDF • 90KB
  • Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond program:

Conditional Pass - Through Covered Bond programme
Download PDF • 106KB
  • Capital:

Download PDF • 84KB

We will have more offers coming in next week from Ms. Sylvia Yang, Executive Director Debt Capital Markets of Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited.

Here are additional opportunities:

  1. SBLC leasing HSBC Bank

  2. Monetizing of MTN, SBLC & Bank Draft

  3. Remittance of Investment funds (Swift MT 103 Bank Wire Transfer or Swift GPI Automatic of Cash Funds for designated projects)

The aforementioned information and documents have been made available for educational purposes. It is intended for accredited, non-traditional & institutional investors, and ultra high net-worth individuals or corporations only, and to whom it has been addressed. It is not a public offering, and is not intended for retail investors.

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