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Updated: Jan 9

Fixed Income Private Placement & Commodities Trades Investment Opportunity

Do you want to grow your corporate or individual investment portfolio, lower your taxes for the next 5 years, while increasing your assets on your balance sheet?

We offer you or your corporation low risk adjudicated investments with secure, and insured top rated bank backed derivatives through shareholder equity or joint venture partnership with our private equity fund, Caribe Capital Management LLC.

This following information is meant for educational purpose and the respective opportunities available only to partners, investors or clients of Imporio Consultants Limited and our consortium of associates.

If you are not a partner, member, investor or client of Imporio Consultants Limited, Caribe Capital Management LLC and consortium of associates, and would like to become a shareholder, joint venture partner or join our consortium, then kindly send the following request information to;

  1. Currently dated CIS

  2. Letter of Interest

The Letter of Interest must be address to Mr. Lee A. Blackman and you must state whether you are interested in becoming a shareholder of our private equity fund or JV partner or associate, and which program(s) are of interest. We will schedule a conference call and then the program(s) details will follow within 24-48 hours after receiving the call.


Intake, pre-due diligence and arrangement of all transactions are done through agreement with Imporio Consultants Limited & Caribe Capital Management LLC, then executed by our associated security dealers, providers/clearance houses, asset managers or traders in UK, EU, SUISSE, USA, HONG KONG & SINGAPORE.

If you are interested in JV Partnership, then kindly download the appropriate KYC Compliance Documents Packages:

Corporate KYC template-HB-0822
Download DOCX • 41KB
Individual KYC template-HB-0822
Download DOCX • 36KB

Upon a successful due diligence process, a conference call will be arranged then followed will be our financial advisory and JV profit sharing agreements for your endorsement. Upon return of the aforementioned agreements, we will then arrange the introductory Q&A conference call with our associated security dealers, asset managers or traders, and then the trade contract is sent.


Investment grade & currently trading Bonds

  • Top rated bank MTNs

  • Top rated corporate MTNs

Small Capital Programs Starting at 10M

  • 10M 40 weeks

  • 10M Chinese & Indian Banks Programs

  • 10M Cash Tear Sheet Bullet

50M to 100M Capital Programs

  • 50M 120 Day Bullet

  • 50M Buy & Sell programs 90 day

100M+ Capital Programs

  • 50B contracts available

Crypto Programs

  • Trading on Bitcoin & Ethereum Kema

Consultant: Imporio Consultants Limited

Broker Dealer: Caribe Capital Management LLC

Managing Member & Fund Manager: Lee A. Blackman

+1 721 553 1569 (Only scheduled calls!)

Schedule a call or send your KYC compliance documents package (JV or existing clients) to for review and due diligence. Our intake and due diligence process takes 24 to 48 hours maximum.

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