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Are You Truly Ready, Willing and Able?

By: IQ-Corporate Capital B.V.

Being on the receiving end of a half dozen submissions that come in on a daily basis, most come from investors who do not understand the proper etiquette needed to successfully be invited into a trade program. Many times, an investor has a preconceived notion about how to approach a platform. They want to do things their way.

However, those preconceived procedures they would like to follow, do not fit with the actual way the platform must operate, by banking rules and federal as well as financial regulations, to begin the process. The investor who insists on this generally is declined even the chance to be considered and not even heard or considered.

Think of it like this. You know that there is a party is being held where the guests are all participating in the trade programs. They took the correct approach, followed the orders and instructions of the trade platform principals / program director to conform with the banking and trading rules. They are inside having a grand time while they multiply their assets and receive profits for use by the trader every trading week renewed some for years already.

Now, you were not invited to this party, but you would really like to attend. If you were going to try to barge in and crash the party, you know you would be automatically resolutely rejected, and most likely banned from showing up ever again. None of the participants nor the organizers of this particular party is actually really looking forward

to any new-comers, all based on the fear that someone new could well spoil the party’s pleasant and secured ambiance and existence in time! Pretty severe, isn’t it?

Yet many times, an investor thinks they can push their way in, which is hardly the way to get in, or to be invited at all!

To make yourself attractive for an invitation to the party, you must ‘dress up’ by providing the documents that start the invitation process. Those are commonly the bank letter (BCL/RWA as is written on purpose!), passport and client information sheet of the owner of the bank account, a bank tear sheet no older than 5 days, and some other necessary documents. There is also the matter of your personal manner. Are you cooperative?

Have you disclosed everything?

Will you act like a partner who has a pleasing personality that the trader can work with?

No matter how rich you are, remember you are dealing here with the owners of every USD or EURO floating on the planet!

These are just a few things that you, as an investor, need to be prepared to do.

The next step is presenting your documents to the designated Program Director of the platform. This is how you make the request to come to the party. After a brief time making sure that you and the money you want to use are clean and clear as well as owned in full by you, you have passed through the first doorway towards the party.

This due-diligence is mandated by the Know Your Customer rules. This is also the ONLY correct way for the relationship to begin. You, as the investor, have to take the first step and introduce yourself. Your documents are your introduction. If all the necessary paperwork is presented and you are cleared to enter the next door, you will

be dealing directly with the principal(s) of the platform. (not the actual traders!)

This is the point where you must pay close attention to the instructions that the platform will give you. They are required to follow ever-changing rules and requirements to invite you through the last door, which is the entry to the party itself. This is the Trading Contract which binds you and the trader together in a legal relationship for the duration of the program.

Because of the enormous amount of fraud and misrepresentation that has resulted in extremely muddy waters for an investor, each step is taken as rapidly as possible, but very carefully, to make sure that all of the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed at each step of the legislators and regulators supervising these Tier 1 trades.

If you have the right attitude (Willing), the right presentation of yourself through your documents, and the willingness to let the traders do what they must in order to let you in to the party, then success is likely—assuming you are dealing with someone who truly IS connected to one of the real few performing trade groups there are in this world and that number is very, very small. Beware!

Protocol for Entry into a Tier 1 Trade Program

There is a certain protocol, or order, in which the client is brought into the program.

These are mandated by the trade platform and the government agencies which require them.

STEP 1. The Client first provides his documentation as requested. This is the “Request for an Invitation” to be considered by the Platform’s Program Director.

1. Client Information Sheet and Passport of Account Holder / Signatory

2. Board Resolution (if a corporation) and Authorization to Verify (ATV)

3. Current Bank statement, by BCL / RWA Letter + Latest Tear Sheet

4. Letter of Non-Solicitation

5. A Detailed History of how the Funds presented as Proof of Funds were earned.

The aforementioned documents have a certain lay out, on purpose and ONLY being handed these templates and using them as they were handed to you (to the letter) will provide you the chance to get into a DD process!

As these documents are written in a legal language which banks cannot sign if the situation of your Proof of Funds provided is in any which way not coherent to the desired status as it should be. Do NOT take this lightly!

With every prospects of any type (large or small, personal or company), make sure you know UPFRONT...

Before you get to the Program Director.. that you may and/or can NOT vet the Principals on the Platform side because it violates the trade commission's prohibition against solicitation and the banks "know your customer laws" (KYC) in order to engage IN ANY WAY with a client UNTIL they have passed Compliance, signed an agreement

with us, have successfully sent funds, and are "in a legal business relation" with the platform.

The potential new participant needs to know immediately that he can't vet any of us and will get no information until HE performs first in passing compliance. If he does not trust us and/or they aren't comfortable with this circumstance then don't waste any time at all with them, cause nothing else will matter!

These rules are deadly serious - written in stone - and, as the gate-keeper of the platform, the Program Director, whose

main job is to mitigate potential liabilities to the Platform ONLY can pass you an invitation and guide you in.

There is NO NEED for a face-to-face meeting. Everything is done electronically.

STEP 2. After successfully passing through the mandatory compliance Due-Diligence by all involved in a Tier 1 trade, you will receive a Trading Contract which is where you will formally enter the legal relationship officially, along with all the other terms and agreements.

STEP 3. When the funds have been correctly blocked in your own bank account (CASH ONLY in a Tier 1 Trade!!), the principal trader will establish a line of credit by the platforms’ own funds which will be used for the trade. So, your money is NEVER at risk!

STEP 4. In mutual consent or per your request, the trader will also advise how to set up an account for you to receive the profits from the trading, after all, You are now an official guest in the party!

It is not a complicated process. It is made complicated by brokers and naive intermediaries, but the real program is simple when you follow the above steps, in the correct order. After submitting the correct paperwork, you are working now with the Program Director directly, which means you are working with the platform directly. He is

here to guide you and assist you, but it is up to you to produce the needed documents that he must have by law in order to start and for you to get invited.

Never forget: “Only the small secrets of the Federal Reserve Trading System need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public disbelief!”

If you never participated in a trade before – You do NOT know how it is all functioning, as all is different from what the brokers do tell you as they themselves mostly never produced a single trade participant which made it in!!!

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