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Investment Offer for Individuals and Corporations

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Are you looking for experienced and qualified professionals to help you increase your personal and or corporate assets?

As we enter the beginning of the last quarter, the time has arrived when we all have to decide who, where and how much of all our personal and or corporation’s revenue on our profit & loss statements we will have to investment before end of the fiscal year December 31, 2022.

Financial Advisor: Imporio Consultants Limited

Investment vehicle: Caribe Capital Management LLC

Earn a minimum 40% per annum on your investment capital through our following investments portfolio:

· Fixed Income Investments

· Hybrid project funding

· Loan for investment purposes against real estate

· Loan for investment purposes against artwork(s)

· Purchase SBLC with free capital

· Monetization of SBLC to secure a loan

· Delivery of a 108% guarantee to secure capital

· Placement of funds under Swiss regulated wealth management company

· Purchase or sale of crypto assets through Swiss regulated wealth manager

The aforementioned are only made available to qualified, approved & accepted accredited and high net worth investors that are interested in becoming limited liability shareholders of Caribe Capital Management LLC.

Transaction Structure Details:

Platform director | Fund Manager: Lee A. Blackman

Investors: Individuals & corporations

Corporate Structure: Limited Liability Corporation

Jurisdiction of Offshore: Nevis

Broker Dealer: Hamilton Reserve Bank

Banking platform: Investment brokerage

Minimum investment deposit: $/€ 500,000.00 Max: Unlimited

Administration fee: $/€ 15,000

Instruments: Cash

Requirement: Cash must be transferred to our investment brokerage platform against share certificates through our notary

Performance fee: 20% of all returns on investments

Feel free to contact our platform director and fund manager Mr. Lee A. Blackman at or

Scheduled calls only!

This is not an offer to buy or sell securities – only for educational purposes The nature of the investments described is that of private placement only – it is not a public offering

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