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By: Lee A. Blackman - Managing Director

As a capital finance, investment and banking consultant firm with market maker and prop desk status in the finance industry, we are always looking to expand our position with asset, fund, accounting and finance executives. With current post Covid-19 government lockdowns causing economic collapse, market disruptions and continued rising unemployment, it is up to us the market makers and prop desks to get the finance sprocket from investors to the market cognitive again. Without the fund managers releasing investment funds to producers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and project developers just to name a few on a long list, we might as well brace for increased inflation and significant drop in all share value of non as well as essential stocks eventually. Gains are shrinking as our political representatives with little or no background in economics, finance, investment and or banking continue to support lockdowns and social distancing over healthy medical legislation and solutions. Capital is being made available by a few governments in our more developed nations however the financial institutions cannot turn significant gains and government tax returns without consumers. Eventually essential stock gains from of our producers, supply chains and the large & mid-size firms will to continue to further shrink unless substantial employment is re-created and financing diverted to where it is most required in our economic engine. Our firm invests in Tech-Stocks and technology does indeed contributes to human development however, they are never the solution to increase your gains as tested and proven in times of recession. Machines and computers do not consume the commodities produced and consume, people do! Time for all corporate boards of directors, executives, fund & asset managers and all other professionals, the cognitive sprockets, to work together diligently and get our local, regional & global economic engine roaring and wheels rolling again. The next generation is on standby, time to implement life-cycle polices in your corporate governance and for us to roll up our sleeves and ‘LETS US MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN’ as we always do. We are RWA! Are you? Let us partner today as One World, One People!

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