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"OFF Ledger transfers have been extended beyond the mid-October 2021 forecasted deadline"


Technology enabled innovation and new regulatory initiatives have coalesced into an unprecedented change in the conversion of OFF Ledger to ON Ledger funds. No more manual screens downloads needed.

The Direct Transfer Mode was created from new competences developed from emerging technologies and fintech banking clustered with traditional banking. When brought together, the amplification created a unique, proprietary bank to bank transfer system.


Traditional Server Transfers have inherent difficulties and risk, screens can be manipulated, falsified, and if successfully downloaded, are received in undesirable countries, often unable or unwilling to return the ratio as agreed. Tranches are limited, taking more than 2 years to transfer 500B, at a time when OFF Ledger transfers could be stopped as early as mid-October.


Off ledger funds threatened!

Recent information from US treasury and ECB contacts, high level Swiss banking officials, and others warn that the transfer of off ledger funds to on ledger may no longer be allowed per proposed changes in new Basel regulations, to potentially be effective as early as October 15th. This has not gone into effect as of mid-October 2021 as previously proposed.

We are accepting currently dated KYC and banking documents compliance packages from all investor interested in retaining our services.

COVID Brought into sharp focus the need for answers to reimagine economic systems to fuel both rescue and recovery. The COVID-19 crisis revealed inherent weaknesses in using servers for transfers. While the conversion of OFF-Ledger funds was always difficult, lockdowns limited Bank Officer access to screens and transfers were slowed at a time when an immediate socio-economic response was critical. This transfer method removes these obstacles to delivering funding for both immediate relief and long-term global economic recovery.


Created by contractually linking licensed Banks and licensed Financial Institutions (FI – “Fintech Banks”)

  • Cutting-edge, innovative bank-to-bank transfer system.

  • Funds remain in safely in the banking system – not able to be manipulated by screen hacking.

  • Replaces traditional transaction modes using servers, such as IPIP to IPIP Server, DTC, MT103/202, and any manual download that requires screens.

  • Guarantees / Pay Orders for immediate payment of Clients payouts.

  • Custodial and Depository Accounts available.

  • Funds received and held in major Western European Bank.

  • Client’s OFF-Ledger funds are ON-Ledger, ready for disbursement to the Sender, immediately upon reaching Receiver’s Depository / Custodial accounts. ON-Ledger transfers follow the same path.

  • Funds may be 1) paid out to Client within 1 to 2 business days, 2) all or some portion of Client’s funds may be placed in trade, or 3) funds may held for future disbursement in sub-account or Client account.


  • Unlimited intake and output. Tranche size is at sole discretion of Sender and Sender’s Bank Officer.

  • Sender may transfer the full contract amount in one tranche of any amount.



Direct Transfer Mode

Sample Transaction-€500B

Tradition Server / Screen Transfer (estimated at 5 business days each)

Week 1 - Day 1



Week 1 - Day 2



Week 2

Total Transferred €500,000,000,000.00


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7



@€10B each



Week 108



Two Years and 4 weeks later:

Total Transferred €500,000,000,000.00


Traditional tranches for IPIP Server, DTC, or MT103/202, typically start at €49M to €100M and may move to €5B per tranche. The above €500B sample transfer requires more than 105 tranches. At one week or more to receive each tranche, takes years to complete the transfer.

Payouts are frequently scheduled for 5 days or more following receipt of funds.


Typical ratios for Off-Ledger transfers are at best 45/5 & 45/5. With the Direct Transfer Mode, slightly higher ratios to the client are accessible, on a case-by-case basis. Sender WILL pay all their own brokers.


1. Transfer Mode Principal is available for a call at any time to facilitate process; Sender must be willing to only entertain doing our process, be able to get the approvals necessary from his/her banker or advisor to do our program. If the sender signatory doesn’t have that authority to make that decision on their own, and fulfill the requirements in #2 right below in order to facilitate a call.

2. Client and Receiver Principal speak directly on a scheduled call. Call will follow;

  • Delivery of Confidentiality Agreement for Client and Intermediaries to be paid in the transaction (required prior to call), and

  • CIS with bank details and POF or full KYC if Client prefers.

  • Intermediary may introduce Client on call but will drop off call before transfer details are presented.

  • Only those with a “need to know”, such as signatory, board members, and bank officers will receive information about the transfer modality.

3. Following a successful call with the Client, in which Client is ready to proceed:

  • Client is requested to provide fully completed KYC / Client Application for Transfers Form (compliance will take no more than 1 – 2 days).

  • Following positive compliance, Client only, will receive a DRAFT Transactional Contract, noting the agreement between Client and Receiver for the transfer of funds. At this time, Receiver will include all transfer details, bank transfer instructions to include path of funds to be sent, and procedures for moving the funds noted in the DRAFT Contract.

  • Client is asked to PRESENT the DRAFT Transactional Contract, which includes all details and procedures, to his bank officer at this time to obtain approval of the contract, tranche schedule, and process.

  • Client and Receiver execute FINAL Transactional Contract, and funds may be transferred immediately.

Imporio Consultants Limited is currently accepting KYC compliance packages from investors with off ledger heritage funds for direct transfer mode and private placement programs.

In best regards we remain,

Lee A. Blackman (CFA)

Managing Director

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