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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Our partnership structures give accredited, institutional, ultra high net worth and non-traditional investors the opportunity to our exclusive portfolio of asset accumulative investment transactions, MTN & SBLC buy/sell trades , and much more.

Below is an educational overview of a MTN & SBLC buy/sell investment trade that our JV or Limited partners benefit from:


  • Minimum Investment = 100 million (USD/EUR) equivalent

  • Bullet earns from 200% to 750% for a 10-30 Banking Day (2-4 weeks) period. It depends on what is available!

  • A 40-week trade program that earns from 60 million to 300 million per week based on the minimum investment of 100 million.

  • The investment program has no project requirements.

  • Delivery of Cash Funds under limited partnership or / delivery of a BG/SBLC via SWIFT MT-760 or Euroclear under joint venture partnership.

  • LP contracted partners will be added to our investment brokerage platform as Co-signatory to oversee their cash or instrument.

  • Investor agrees to 80% / 20% Profit Sharing Arrangement on all returns.

Structures available for consideration

  • Joint Venture



  1. Private placement trade programs

  2. The acquisition of SBLCs & MTNs

  3. OTC acquisition of physical gold

  • Limited Partnership



  1. All the above stated transaction that JV partners receive.

  2. Shareholder in our private equity fund and citizenship by investment in the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis.

  3. Accounts with the major rated banking platforms, direct relationship with investment bankers, wealth managers and exposure to top rated credit and banking products & services.

  4. Almost 10 times the returns of any JV partner


As a limited partner (LP) investor, you will be partnering with a selected vetted group of integral accredited & institutional investors, ultra-high net-worth individuals and corporations that pool their money into the limited partnership fund with yours. These funds are used to purchase companies, private placement trading, fixed income investment and assets to resell or securitize for trade to generate even greater profits.

AML due diligence documents required for all interested Investors

  • Letter of intent indicating partnership structure of interest

  • Require full CIS (Corporate / Individual)

  • Current Tear sheet or proof of instrument.


All other information, questions and answers may, and will be addressed in confirmed schedule meetings or calls. Scheduled meetings and call are arranged only after we are able to carry out our due diligence.

Contact Information:

Business Name: Imporio Consultants Limited

Address: Bldg #1 Nelson Spring Business Complex, Nelson Spring, Nevis.

Primary Contact: Mr. Lee A. Blackman

Role of Primary Contact: Managing Director | Platform Director | Private Banker

Phone Number: +297 742 1400 (Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal, Zoom, etc.)

Email Address: |

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