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PRIVATE PLACEMENT OFFER - Administrative hold confirmation required by SWIFT MT799

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The Geneva trade is now accepting submissions - by invitation only!

Geneva Private Placement Program Trade Overview:

-All documents must be as per drafts in corporate compliance (KYC) package, no additions, omissions or amendments -any such alterations and file will be discarded.

· Signatures must be in wet blue ink

· Copy of bank officers’ business cards -same officers that sign the POF and BCL

· Swift not required until after the signing of the trade contract


COMPLIANCE - Individual package
Download DOC • 87KB
COMPLIANCE - corporate package
Download DOC • 108KB

- Update Bank Confirmation Letter – MUST BE ATTACHED WITH KYC - Update Statement of account – SIGNED & SEALED BY BANK OFFICERS


-10 Day Bullet returns 200% (180% Net to Asset Owner)

-30 Day Bullet returns 800% (720% Net to Asset Owner

then 40-week trade returns 100% per week (90% Net to Asset Owner)

Minimum Entry:

100m to 5B -USD/EUR (only top USA and European Bank/s including HSBC HK & Singapore Banks) Some Asian Banks are recently added to the list within the region of UAE (list can be provided upon request)

Subject to receiving all necessary compliance and documentation, and therefore, subject to carrying out due diligence on the Client. Once that the Client pass the due diligence, we will send the specific offer for the operation.

The Client bank will be organizing the Block/Reserve and confirms the Block/Reserve via Swift MT-799. For your information, an administrative block can be blocked and unblocked when the Client wishes, this is why the Client does not have any risk, because the Platform does not have control of the account, the Client is the sole Owner and Signatory of the account, the Client is the one who only has control of the account, the text of the Swift MT799, only speaks of an administrative block in favor of the Platform.

PROFITS OF PROGRAM: The profits of Program will be fully freely available for the Client ever since the outset of the Program; the profits the Bullets and the Program 40 Weeks, will be fully and freely available for the Client ever since the outset in all sequences of the Bullets and the Program 40 Weeks; the profits are freely available; there is no obligation to dedicate them to projects.

The generated returns from the Program are free from any liens or encumbrances, the returns are free of any legal impediment and free of all taxes, charges and deductions, and can be immediately used by the Client as they wish without any restrictions.

Fore more information pertaining to PAY-OUT OF PROGRAM and TERMS OF PROGRAM kindly contact us for a term sheet.

A safe & prosperous 2021 from Imporio Consultants Limited & Associates!

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