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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

This is the best Small Cap Program available and it starts from $/€ 10 million. We are accepting currently dated KYC for the investment trade program and we can start immediately.


  • Account owner funds remain in owner’s bank account

  • Investment: 10,000,000.00 USD/EUR minimum

  • Bullet earns 500% for a 10 Banking Day (2 Week) period.

  • The Account Owner can compound the above by executing the Bullet 2 X more times.

  • Projected returns are assuming the Account Owner is doing the Bullet 3 X times for 30 Banking Days (6 weeks).

  • The Program has no project requirements.

  • The Account Owner must agree to 50/50% profit Sharing Arrangement on all returns with the Trade Desk.

EXAMPLE: $/€10,000,000.00


$/€10,000,000.00 X 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 Weeks) plus original investment

= $/€60,000,000.00


$/€60,000,000.00 X 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 Weeks) plus original investment

= $/€360,000,000.00


$/€360,000,000.00 X 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 Weeks) plus original investment

= $/€2,160,000,000.00

The above and following calculations assumes no cash is taken out of bullets. If you will then adjust accordingly for cash disbursement from bullets.

TOTAL: $/€2,160,000,000.00 For subsequent 40-week Trade:

$/€2,160,000,000.00 X 10 Months = $/€21,600,000,000.00

Client: $/€10,800,000,000.00 (with a 10 million cash funds investment only)

Trade Desk, Legal team, Broker, Consultant & Intermediary(ies): $/€10,800,000,000.00

This is a special bullet Private Placement Program that we received December 14th 2021. Private Placement Program may close any day, and we operate on a first-come-first served basis.



We require a currently dated full KYC (Corporate/Individual) with POF consisting of current dated bank statement. Also both your bank officers' business cards and bank confirmation letter (BCL) & proof of life. Due diligence takes 48-72 hours.


If you are accepted, then and only then you will be introduced to the program manager and or trader by means of a conference call. A verbal offer will be given, and Q&A session will take place.


The contracts will be issued to you for endorsement and upon return, you will be expected to arrange the blocked funds in favor of the trading group (trader) with your bank. A confirmation by SWIFT MT 799/199 (free message) bank to bank officer will be required also in order to start the operation.

This is a Over-The-Counter offer and not intended as a solicitation. This offer is sent to clients & associates in our email exchange, and is meant for the intended recipient. If you feel this offer has been sent or forwarded to you in error, kindly unsubscribe from receiving any more offers.

Submit all KYCS to and address the email to our managing director, Mr. Lee A. Blackman.

Referrals, brokers and consultants are welcome and protected as associates.

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