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Small Cap Tear Sheet Trade Program

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Starts with three 500% bullets and then a 40 Week private placement trade program.

This offer is meant only for clients/investors of Imporio Consultants Limited and clients/investor of our associates.

Accepting only qualified and pre-approved clients/investors with cash funds in any of the top 100 rated bank in the finance industry. The cash funds will remain client/investor's own bank account and are funds totally protected

Here is an overview for accredited clients/investors with a minimum $/€/£ 10 to 50 million available for the offered Small Cap Tear Sheet Trade Program. The returns are exceptional and clients/investor funds must be at one of the "Top 100 banks" and of acceptable jurisdiction (no Chinese Banks, HK banks or banks that are not top 100).

Transaction overview:

  • Minimum Investment amount = $10 Million (USD/EUR/GBP equivalent), (Top 100 banks only & No-Chinese Banks).

  • Bullet earns 500% for a 10 Banking Day (2 weeks) period ($10 million Return on investment → $50 million).

  • Investor can compound the above by doing the Bullet 2 x more times.

  • Projected returns are assuming client is doing the Bullet 3 x times, for 30 Banking Days (6 weeks).

  • Program has no project requirements.

  • Investor agrees to a 50%/50% Profit Sharing Arrangement on all returns with the Trade Platform

  • The Platform’s 50% is put directly into Humanitarian Programs

  • Investor agrees to 20% to Traders/Bankers/Lawyers

  • Client agrees to pay 10% of his gross to the Intake Management Group

Example on $/€/£10 Million:

  1. Bullet 1 - 10 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment $50 million plus 10 million investment (60 million is now available for Bullet 2).

  2. Bullet 2 - 60 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment 300 million plus 60 million investment (360 million is now available for Bullet 3).

  3. Bullet 3 - 360 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment 1.8B plus 360 million investment 2.16 billion in gross.

Total of Bullet 1-3: 10 million investment and after 30 Banking Days (6 weeks) Trade Return on Investment plus 10 million investment 2.16B there is a 50% split 50% platform / 50% clients on all trade returns net yield to client is 1,080,000,000, 1.080B, plus client retains the original investment of 10,000,000.00 into trade.

For subsequent 40 week Trade: 50% share profit on 2.16B 50%/50% platform/client

Deduction of Trade Platform & Traders agreed Commissions and profit share occurs whenever the investor makes a withdrawal or at the end of the 30 Banking Day (6 six weeks) Trading Term. The remainder can be put into a 40 week program.

Requirements from Investor/Client:

  1. A completed KYC Corporate or Individual compliance package SIGNED IN BLUE INK. No digital signature or initials accepted!

  2. Investor/Client's Proof of Life

  3. current Tear Sheet/Bank Statement and BCL, both documents signed and sealed by 2 bank officer in BLUE INK.

  4. 2 bank officers business cards, each .

  5. RWA will be called for or even a Ping on account arrangement.

  6. No Swift required.

We are only accepting & working these templates:

Individual KYC small cap
Download DOCX • 35KB
Corporate KYC small cap
Download DOCX • 48KB

Note: All financial documents and proof of life photo, along with the KYC to be obtained and dated with the same date AND SIGNED IN BLUE INK.

Financial Summary of a $10 Million Dollar Investment.

Based on $10 million investment and 3x 500% bullets over 3 x 2 weeks:

  • Bullet 1: $10M x 500% return = $50M; $50M + $10M available for bullet 2

  • Bullet 2: $60M x 500% return = $300M; $300M + $60M available for bullet 3

  • Bullet 3: $360M x 500% return = $1.8 Billion;

Total: $2.16B x 50% x 80% = $864M to Investor who pays (2.16Bx50%x10%) = $108M to the brokers leaving net $756M to Investor.

Only serious clients, investors and associates need contact us and with KYC in hand.

This offer is on a first come first serve basis and is not subject to any alterations or special requests.

Send all submission to our intake and compliance via inquiries@imporioconsultantsltd.com

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