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Updated: Mar 25, 2022


Intended only for accredited, ultra & high Net worth, institutional and non-traditional investors interested in becoming a limited liability partner of Billennial Capital LLC.

This program is subject to change or modification without prior notice, does not constitute a solicitation and is meant for informational purposes only to interested qualified investors!


Investment brokerage program: Private placement trade

Trading platform Jurisdiction: London regulated

Minimum entry: $/€ 1.167 million. No maximum

Instrument: Cash only

Administration fee: $/€ 167,000 (included in the minimum amount)

Broker dealer & Asset Manager: Hamilton Reserve Bank (St. Kitts & Nevis)

Banking Platform: Investment Brokerage

Fund manager: Lee A. Blackman

Availability: First 6 qualified investors


To qualify for the tear sheet program, clients’ funds must:

  • Be or become a limited liability partner of Billennial Capital LLC.

  • limited liability partners must be willing to transfer their cash funds to the LLC investment brokerage account.

  • Limited liability partners will be added as co-signatory to Billennial Capital LLC’s investment brokerage account.

  • An account will be opened in the trading bank of HSBC Plc or BARCLAYS Plc in Billennial Capital LLC to transfer the funds for the trade, or otherwise a Swift Mt-760 blocked funds will be required.

Trade program compliance & details:

  • Billennial Capital LLC cash funds must be in a top prime western or European bank, or preferably HSBC or Barclays London, UK.

  • Billennial Capital LCC HSBC or Barclays account will be verified through ping or tear sheet daily before trading. No swifts or funds blocks required for cash funds in HSBC Plc or Barclays Plc London.

  • If Billennial Capital LLC wishes to transact with funds in Hamilton Reserve Bank, we must have the bank block the funds with a swift mt760 to trading bank.

  • Cash Funds will always under the control of the Billennial Capital LLC fund manager, and remain in our current account.

  • Projected returns estimated in 45 - 60 banking days are estimated at 500% (5x) of the invested face value amount.

  • The program director has offered to renew private placement program multiple times.

To start due diligence by for interested limited liability partners:

  1. Scheduled conference zoom or Microsoft teams, etc., introduction and presentation.

  2. Client Information Sheet (individual or corporation) including passport copy, certificate of incorporation of good standing.

  3. Board resolution document if investor is a corporation.

  4. Proof of funds (bank statement & tear sheet) documents, and bank confirmation letter signed by both bank officers. All three with same and current date. No older than 3 days!

If accepted and approved after compliance has been concluded successfully, our managing director Mr. Lee A. Blackman will handle the onboarding and administration process, and deal with you directly.

We welcome you to join us in this exclusive small society of the finance, investment and banking world.

Contact Information:

Business Name: Imporio Consultants Limited

Address: Bldg #1 Nelson Spring Business Complex, Nelson Spring, Nevis.

Primary Contact: Mr. Lee A. Blackman

Role of Primary Contact: Managing Director | Fund Manager

Phone & Fax: +297 742 1400 (Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal, Zoom, etc.)

Email Address: |

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