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This is offer is intended for institutional and accredited high net worth investors interested in purchasing cash-backed SBLCs for financing purposes. The Provider also have multiple exit buyers available.



The Provider offer the following three options for investors who buy their SBLC:

  1. Investors can buy (at 42+2) and hold; or do whatever he wants with the SBLC.

  2. Investors can take advantage of our multiple exit buyers who are standing by, ready to buy back at 64 Inclusive. (They will make 18 points on the re-sale net after paying the 2% exit commission.) 

  3. We will monetize at 70% LTV (after client bought for just 44%). This will go into trade at 100% per month, compoundable, and guaranteed by DBS Singapore. If the client chooses this option, he also gets a good faith cash bonus of 1% of the monetized amount, before the trading begins.

Of course, #3 is my favorite and results in the highest payouts for all. (A beginning investment of just 44M (for a 100M SBLC) will matriculate to over 55B in 10 months... guaranteed!) 

Please Note: This transaction will work whether investor has $/€ 44 million in cash, or an active credit line!
We are pleased to enclose our supporting IMFPA docs and a spreadsheet illustrating the 100M SBLC Monetization and Trade option, upon receipt of your CIS.






Instruments:                                      Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCS)  

Price:                                                    42+2 (44 inclusive) million
Currency:                                            EURO (€) / USD ($) 
Term:                                                   One (1) Year & One (1) Day  
Issuing Bank:                                     HSBC London  
Provider Transacting Banks:         HSBC London, Barclays London, DBS Singapore, Credit Suisse Zurich 
Amount Available:                           100m up to 50b contract

                                                              (Additional contracts available – consecutive or concurrent)  
IMPORTANT NOTE: After purchasing the SBLCSs, the buyer may place the SBLCS into a trade program available from the provider where the SBLCS are monetized at 70% LTV guaranteed, generating 100% per month guaranteed. monthly returns are compoundable.  The provider is also the trade program principal/director.




1. Buyer must have a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in an account (or an active Credit Facility) with a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in a top 20 bank (preferably banks located in Western Europe; UK; Canada; USA; Singapore; Hong Kong)


2. Buyer submits the following Compliance documents:

NOTE: All documents/agreements must be signed in wet blue ink. (No Electronic Signatures).


a. Buyer Information Sheet (CIS) 

b. Passport Copy 

c. Forwarding of an e-mail link/genealogy (i.e. originating Buyer bank/bank officer’s secure e-mail server to Buyer’s secure e-mail server) from the Buyer’s bank officer to the Buyer which includes an attached Bank Confirmation Letter stating that there is a minimum of 44M clear and unencumbered Euros/USD in the Buyer’s account OR that the Buyer’s credit facility is active and fully collateralized and that the Buyer has access to a minimum of 44M clear and unencumbered Euros/USD from the credit facility. 


Expanded Explanation of the All-Important BCL 


Please be advised that the most critical and important aspect/component of the Buyer KYC/Compliance Package submission is the Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) and Genealogy (which is the e-mail communiqué received from the Buyer financial institution’s server directly to the Buyer’s server /e-mail account/address). Please see below the basic/ non-evasive language/information that must be provided/contained in the (BCL). 


  • Financial Institution Letterhead 

  • Name of Corporation/Principal 

  • Name of Account Holder 

  • Name of Account Signatory 

  • Account Number # 

  • Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL)which must contain the following verbiage:


There is a minimum of 44M clear and unencumbered Euros/USD in the Buyer’s account OR that the Buyer’s credit facility is active and fully collateralized and that the Buyer has access to a minimum of 44M clear and unencumbered Euros/USD from the credit facility.


d. RWA on Buyer’s Letterhead stating /stipulating that the Buyer is ready to purchase SBLCs.

e. Signed Fee Agreement (See attached IMFPAs re: a) purchase of SBLCs from Provider/Titleholder and b) purchase of SBLCs by Exit Buyer) stating/stipulating that the Buyer shall pay a Consultant Fee of 5% of all gross profits received from his participation in the Trade Program and/or Buy/Sell to an Exit Buyer provided by the Provider



NOTE: All signatures must be in wet blue ink - NO ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES 


3. Buyer submits Confidential KYC/Compliance Documents to Lee A. Blackman (Authorized Intake Facilitator) at   


4. Lee A. Blackman will confirm receipt of Buyer Confidential Compliance Documents via e-mail to the Buyer. 


5. Upon the review and approval of the Buyer KYC/Compliance Package/Documents Lee A. Blackman will forward the Buyer KYC/Compliance Package/ Documents to Mr. Peter J. Notarino and the Trade Program Principal /Director for further review and approval.


6. Upon approval of the Buyer KYC/Compliance Package/Documents by the Trade Program Principal/Director, Peter J. Notarino (as the Authorized Trade Program Intake Facilitator) will arrange a confidential introductory conference call between the Trade Program Principal/Director and the Buyer (and authorized translator if required). 


NOTE: The Buyer must use a landline, or a mobile number clearly stated in the submitted CIS to call into the conference. No third parties are permitted to be on this introductory call. 


7. Following the Introductory call, the Trade Program Principal/Director will contact the Buyer in a follow-up call/e-mail to review the SBLC Purchase and Trade Contract and/or Buy/Sell details. Buyer provides an Authorization to Verify (ATV) directly to Provider/Titleholder 


8. Provider’s bank officer contacts Buyer’s bank officer to confirm the Buyer’s funds on account and/or that Buyer’s credit facility is currently active and accessible to Buyer 


9. Once funds/credit facilities are confirmed Provider/Titleholder purchases the SBLC (using the Provider’s funds) which is placed into a custodial account at HSBC London ready for delivery BEFORE the Buyer signs a Purchase Agreement/Contract.



10. After the SBLC has been purchased the Provider delivers the Purchase Agreement/Contract to the Buyer for signature. The Buyer does NOT sign a Purchase Agreement / Contract until the SBLC has been purchased. 


11. Once the Buyer signs the Purchase Agreement/Contract the Provider provides the details of the custodial account in HSBC London and the full contact information of the custodial bank officer. THE BUYER CAN THEN FORWARD THE CUSTODIAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND BANK CONTACT INFORMATION TO HIS BANK OFFICER TO BE CONFIRMED AND VERIFIED. 


The Buyer’s bank officer has several options to confirm that the SBLC has been purchased IN THE BUYER’S NAME and is in custody at HSBC London. 


  • Buyer’s bank officer CAN contact the HSBC custodial officer by telephone or e-mail 


  • Buyer’s bank officer can send an MT-799 SWIFT Request for Confirmation to HSBC London. Upon receipt HSBC will immediately respond with an MT-799 SWIFT Confirmation to the Buyer’s bank stating that the SBLC has been purchased in the Buyer’s name referencing the Purchase Agreement /Contract number and the Buyer’s name. The HSBC MT-799 SWIFT Confirmation will also state WITH FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY that upon receipt of the MT-103 payment HSBC will immediately deliver the SBL:C into the Buyer’s bank/account. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Buyer does not send the MT-103 payment until he receives confirmation from his bank officer that he has confirmed bank-to-bank with full bank responsibility that the Provider’s custodial bank will deliver the SBLCs upon receipt of the MT-103 payment.







If the Buyer decides to use any one of three bank pre-approved EXIT Buyers provided by the Provider after purchasing the SBLC the Provider/ will assist the Buyer is arranging a Purchase Contract directly with the Exit Buyer. 


The information regarding the Exit Buyer will be provided to the Buyer immediately after the first tranche of SBLC purchase has been successfully purchased from the Provider/Titleholder. The contract signed by the Buyer and Exit Buyer within 24-48 hours. 


The Exit Buyer will proceed to purchase the SBLCs at a 20-point margin (18 NET) and continue to purchase the SBLCs as per the tranche schedule in the contract. 


NOTE: The Exit Buyers will be RWA to purchase large volumes of SBLCs from the Buyer. 


For more information contact Mr. Lee A. Blackman.







Upon completion of the SBLC purchase the Provider (who is also the Trade Program Principal/Director) will provide (upon Buyer request a Trade Contract and/or Buy/Sell Contract to the Buyer for signature.)


NOTE: The Buyer has the option of simply purchasing the SBLCs. The decision to enter into a Trade Program or Buy/Sell Program is optional.


Upon receipt of the signed Trade Contract from the Buyer the Trade Program Principal/Director will instruct the Buyer to have his bank officer deliver the Buyer’s SBLC to the Trading Bank account via MT-760 SWIFT (or Internally if Buyer is transacting from HSBC London; Barclays London; or DBS Singapore). If the Buyer chooses to participate in the Buyer/Sell program he would follow the Buy/Sell Procedures.


Buyer will go on trade within 72 hours receipt /confirmation of the Buyer SBLC by the Trading Bank.


NOTE: The Trade Program is a 10-calendar month trade with guaranteed returns of 100% of the 70% LTV paid at the end of each month. Returns are fully compoundable. 



If you are interested in Imporio Consultants Limited arranging this over-the-counter offer as your consultant or intermediary, and have any more questions kindly contact us today.

Mr. Lee Anselmo Blackman

Managing Director


Tel: +297 742 1400


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